Reasons Why Illustrations Are Created and Needed

An illustration is an elucidated graphical representation of any given concept or written material in the form of sketch, picture, photograph, or any other artwork. Traditionally, illustrations were created using ink and paper, but these days, illustrations are made using various computer software packages. The benefit of creating illustrations using computer graphic software is that it can be created in both two dimension and three dimension. However, the question still remains that why illustrations are created and needed. Below are a few reasons why illustrations are created and needed.

Convey the right message

Illustrations help convey the right message easily and effectively. If you want to express a concept, which otherwise is difficult to explain or describe, illustrations are largely used. The brain of a human being is developed in such a way that it easily grasps graphic representation than any other form of information; hence, illustrations are easily and effectively able to convey the right message. Furthermore, people with hearing disability can also understand the message intended by illustrations.

Advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing play a crucial role in promoting business products and services. However, these days, no one will remember the brand or care much about television commercials. For such situations, 3D illustration plays a pivotal role to promote brand awareness. As said in the previous point, human brain has the tendency to grasps and remembers any graphical representation; hence, when they are out in the market looking for something, they will easily be able to recollect an illustrated brand.


Since the beginning, illustrations are largely used for education.Children start to understand the world around them with the help of illustrated pictures depicted in their elementary books. Illustrations not only help children understand the world around them, but it also plays a big role in developing their imagination. This is the reason why books with good illustrations are preferable for elementary education. These days, with the availability of computer created illustrations, they are even used in higher studies like engineering, architect, mechanical, and so on, to make complex theories seem easy.

Aside for the above three purposes, businesses and companies also use 3D illustrations to advertise themselves on the internet. It is a fact the people spent most of their time on the internet and considering this fact, 3D illustrated advertisement on the internet could prove to be beneficial. When compared to other form of internet advertising like videos and photographs, illustrated advertising is far more effective. Some of the benefits of such advertisement are:

1. It loads quickly compared to a video clip or photograph
2. It is less expensive than video advertising
3. It can describe more information than a simple photograph
4. It can be modified or customized easily

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