Where Are Pictogram Warning Signs Used?

You often walk past work sites. Do you care to take a second look at the signs that are posted within your vicinity? The symbols accompanying these signs get treated as poor country cousins. People working at those sites do not attach any significance to them. But those warning signs have a relevant reason behind their existence.

The pictograms are easily identifiable. Their usage has manifold benefits. Strategic placement of these signs is increasingly felt in many parts of the world.

Fills the void of textual gap

The greatness of a good city lies in its cosmopolitan outlook. They have a positive attitude towards diverse cultures. They are eager to embrace people who do not share homogeneity in educational and social background. It is not necessary that all the inhabitants of a city will share similar standards of word comprehension. Adequate reading skills may be a challenge to many. So signs wrapped in the efflorescence of words may prove to be ineffective. A possibility of misunderstanding can not be even ruled out.

The message accompanying a sign may fail to reach out to an illiterate. A situation like this can certainly be a challenging one. The disadvantages underlying it are innumerable. Grave physical harm can be one of its unfortunate outcomes. So people have always tried to decimate this difficulty in an innovative way.

So safety messages must be spelt out clearly without creating any unnecessary confusion. Language should not act as a barrier and must cater to the needs of all.

Messages transmitted through Isotypes

The pictograms you come across frequently is indebted to the Isotypes. An Isotype is an important member of the family of pictograms. A social museum has to display many statistics which are almost incomprehensible to a layman. The pictorial statistics made use of images. It proved to be effective in creating people’s interest.

This method gained wide popularity. The use of symbols in graphs and chart spilled out to many other areas.

Places where the signs are a necessity

A pile of hazardous materials must be marked by a sign stating its dangers. Flammable solid, liquid or gas can cause injury and death. Organic peroxides were never known for its benevolent impact on human civilization. Toxic materials must be kept out of the easy reach of children. Infectious substances must be segregated with care. Corrosive substances can cause damage to life and property.

Usage of these malevolent materials can not be avoided entirely. A morally conscious society must confine them within a restricted area. Signs must act as a caveat for an innocent and unsuspecting individual.

Customizable signs are a perfect example of cerebral thinking. There are several despicable demons which are part of our everyday existence. Well crafted road signs have always proved as an effective measure in preventing accidents. The pictograms have always ingrained in human mind the superiority of adequate safety measures.


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